Olympic Development Progress2016-10-20 09:10:51

Olympic Development Was Established In 2014 By Au Bintoro. This Project Will Be Built Until 2025. In Line With The Company’s Vision To Keep Climbing Higher As An Integrated Property Developer, The Concept Allowed To Build A Resort, Residential, Hotel, Commercial Business, And Industrial Park. By Creating Safe, Comfortable And Residences Complete With Environmental Facilities, Olympic Development Provides The City’s Inhabitants With The Choice And Opportunity To Live A Full And Effective Life.

  • Ecosentro Resort Park. Place Used For Relaxation And Recreation. This Is Located In Panenjoan Hill - Sukabumi, West Java With Total Area ±400 HA.
  • Olympic Residence. Suite Of Rooms Designed As A Residence. A Fusion Of Entertainment, Interior And Technology. Which Is Strategically Located In Sentul - Bogor, West Java.
  • Olympic  Hotel. A Establishment Providing Lodging, Meals, And Other Guest Services. This Is Located In Sentul - Bogor, West Java.
  • Olympic Commercial Business District (OCBD). The Downtown Section Of A City Consisting Of Retail And Office. This Is Located In Kedung Halang - Bogor, West Java.
  • Ecosentro Industrial Park. An Area Zoned For The Purpose Of Industrial Development. This Is Located In Cikembar- Sukabumi, West Java With Total Area ±200 HA.
  • Olympic City. The Residential Area Where Everyone Lived, And The Business Sector Where Everyone Worked. This Is Located In Sentul - Bogor, West Java.

New Faces Of Ecosentro Resort Park2015-03-26 09:25:00

The 400 HA Property On The Edge Of Panenjoan Hill - Sukabumi, West Java. Emphasies A Holistic Concept And Has A World-class Service. The Resort Also Includes An Eco-park, Where Residents Can Participate In Activities
such As Bird Watching And Organic Farming.
The Beautifully Landscaped Gardens. Exclusively Designed And Tastefully Furnished, This Children-friendly Property Is Continously Being Upgraded With Recreational Facilities, Making It A One-stop Destination. Its Service Standards Ensure Great Attention To Details And A Welcoming Friendly Atmosphere.
Has Become The Favorite Getaway From The Everyday Routine And Hectic Life, While Still Enjoying The Fun And Luxury Of Civilization.